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Genesis Sprouts is located in Sun Valley , CA and has been providing certified organic sprouting seeds and sprout growing supplies for over 5 years. We take pride in making sure all our customers receive exceptional quality sprouts by training all employees on the importance of good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation and HACCP. We consider food safety to be our #1 concern. We put our sprouts through a rigorous testing regime before they leave our facilities. We test water samples from every growing every harvest. We don’t release any products until our testing samples confirm these sprouts are safe. Working side by side with the owner, having over 10 years in the sprouts business , the employees know the importance of producing quality safe products. We believe healthy living is a journey and every meal is a choice. Our products are created with great care and reflects our values. Our principles are to provide the highest quality. .

Organic Certification- Our seed has been certified to USDA Standards! We carry a huge selection of over 30 organic seeds for sprouting, wheatgrass, and greens. .

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